♣Ehxclusive Info ♣

Now To Dance–Ehxclusive(Twinz)is a group name given to Lawal Taiwo and Lawal Kehinde (Rozy And Flowzy)they hailed from Ijebu Ode,Ikoto,Ogun State,Nigeria.They are Gospel Recording Artistes,Professional Dancers,They Own a Record Label By The Name Of R•G•E(Rozy Guys Ent..)And A Group Called #TeamJazzy,There Dancing Career begin at the age of 10@ there school in Ijebu ode-Alpha and Omega College,They danced secretly during breaks and 1 day a teacher(Mr. Convenant) found them dueling(competing) with other students and invited them to his office,and told them he would love them to perform a cool choreography for the school during A School V.S,they danced Opomulero,and they killed it and since then they have been going for Inductions and have been TOPING THE CHART…….

Now To Music—-The Ehxclusive started their music career last two years at a school called Anglican Comprehensive High School,Ikoto,It all started like people will say “like play like play”not until taiwo (rozy) found his rap talent,and battled all the rappers like Swaggo,phoenix,Mula_d,Isquare etc…They all loved the way they rapped danced,sang,so it wasn’t too long when they got to record a track titled-OLUWA LOGBE MI SOKE,which rocked Ijebu ode,and then #Oluwa LoSeyi Nani,So In Love,My Way,And Finally Tha #1 That’s Hitting….,Rocking…Really Hard Titled—Thank You…!!!!!

Now To Promotion&Management—The Ehxclusive were said to have partnered with #Jazzy.B,A Presenter and a Promoter,The Ehxclusive Have Partnered With Jazzy,and made him there manager,and also partnered with Tee-Wize A Music Star In Ibadan….Going From 1 Show To Another…The best is getting known for what u truly love to do…!!!! #TeamJazzy


2 responses to “♣Ehxclusive Info ♣”

  1. yungkris says :

    i love you guys u realy try in all your track i’m yungkris i’m also a musican i rap and i sing you can email me or add me up on facebook@wf yungkris or twitter@am_yungkris i even among ur member on ehxusive page on facebook i will love to hear back from you guys thanks

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    • Rozy and flowzy says :

      Tnx bro,we really are thankful,email or send me your song so i can be of help to your music aswell,I can promote your music to my site and radio stations,beep me @ 08092174124 or whatsapp the info to me so i can help!! 🙂 ^^

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