p style=”text-align:left;”>After 3 solid albums and 2 classic mixtapes,
Naijaloaded takes a look at what separates
Nigerian rapper M.I from the rest of the pack
today October 4th as he clocks 34 years old.
Solid Brand
M.I has the arguably the most solid brand in
Nigerian music let to talk of the rap genre.
The rapper has not been involved in any scandal
or troubles since he broke out with Safe. M.I has
been able to manage feuds well most notably the
one Kelly Hansome threw at him. Kelly intended
to use M.I to climb up the music ladder but the
Jos born rapper did him no favors.
When the name M.I is mentioned, you think in the
direction of Jay Z, Eminem, Kanye West (sort of)…
Such is his level of imagery in the music game.
(Plus he doesn’t have a tattoo… If that matters)
M.I has been Nigeria’s formost rapper for about 7
years, a feat that is hard to do when you consider
the number of rappers in the game. M.I, born
Jude Abaga began his music career whenhe
returned to Nigeria in 2003. Finding his place in
an industry dominated by the likes of Modenine,
Ruggedman and Eedris Abdulkareem, he quickly
commenced the production of mixtapes with his
friend Djinee.
This led to the critically acclaimed single “Safe”,
(a song whichhe parodied popular Nigerian songs
in its lyrics) which has gathered impressive
airplay by African radio and music video stations
such as MTV Vibe. The track also earned him
awards at the Nigerian Music Video Awards, City
People, N.E.A amongs tothers.
The sky has been the beginning for M ever since
and he has released 3 albums, M.I 1 (Talk About
It), M.I 2 ( The Movie)and Chairman. M.I also
boast of 2 classy mixtapes, Illegal Music 1 and
Illegal Music 2
Musical balance
M.I Abaga remains the only Nigerian rapper that
has been able to achieve success in music while
going commercial and still representing Hip-Hop.
Even in M.I’s most commercial songs,you are
more likely to find a classic bar in his verses
unlike his colleagues who have totally diluted
their art.
M.I traditionally goes commercial in his albums
while punching lines in his Illegal Music series,
despite this he still maintains a great stability.
M.I is Nigeria’s most influential rapper (FACTS
ONLY). The rapper has metamorphosed from an
ordinary rapper to a label chief and he did that by
not leaving the label that birthed his career – a
feat only few artistes can boast of in the world.
While at it, M.I also has industry influence and his
colleagues respect him a lot.
He was hyped by his colleagues during his
meeting with Tony Elumelu has he gave rappers a
new new image like Dr Dre is doing in the United
states right now. M.I was appointed a United
Nations Goodwill Ambassador in 2012.
All the 4 points above will be meaningless if M.I
was not able to a mass wealth. He is likely the
richest rapper in the land.Most Nigerian rappers
don’t have any existing deal but even inthe
scarcity M.I linked a new deal with Cognac brand
Martell.The rapper also represents Globacom and
has spent the most part of the year performing for
M.I pulls over at events in his Mercedes Benz
G-55 or his Bentley Coupe. Which rapper has a
better fleet? None.



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