MUSIC PREMIERE-Sunrise-No Money No Friend

After much anticipation the latest Music from THE BRAIN HIMSELF “Sunrise” drop a  NEW HOT BLAZZING FIRE FOR FIRE JAMMING TRACK!! ITS NON OTHER THAN “NO MONEY NO FRIEND” Promise you you’ll put it on repeat again and again!!  To contact directly ON I.G-SUNRISEOFFICIAL1 ON TWITTER-SUNRISEOFFICIAL ON GMAIL-TALKTOSUNRISE@GMAIL.COM TELEPHONE DIGIT- +23480168812662….. Here it is→→→

Download N.M.N.F HERE!!!


“No pain No gain!!!”

  • Its blazing
  • Its rhythmical
  • Its Hot
  • It A song to listen
  • Video coming soon…
  • WATCH OUT!!!!


About Ehxclusive Publisher

Contact 08092174124

15 responses to “MUSIC PREMIERE-Sunrise-No Money No Friend”

  1. Bolaji says :

    I dey sing am here for abuja o


  2. I am nobody says :

    New best song!


  3. Lius Daniel says :

    Hey,hello I’m Lius all the way from Algeria….I love your song because it remind me of some times I had conflicts with my friends in south paulo in..

    I love the song,I would like to meet you and talk more,you are really a shining star,don’t think about what anybody says you a born champion..KUDOS!!


  4. Lamood says :

    Great tack where can I get more


  5. Lagos boy says :

    Yes I need a new 1


  6. Omolara Adejoke says :

    This a very nice song you have there


  7. Mr Desmond King says :

    I love your track,you can reply me with your number let’s talk..


  8. Olusegun Kalejaiye says :

    Oshey,GBAGAUN this is a mind blowing track..


  9. Olusegun Folakemi says :

    Will you marry me,this a great song…And your first,I would love to hear more


  10. Jay London says :

    Okay,now this is a new brand new one from “Nigeria” we are loving this in London


  11. Tinuke Okotie says :

    Hey,I’m a very big fan of your song. Keep it up love you!


  12. fresh montana says :

    Wow,nice one abeecombie we loving your songs over here!


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