Music Premiere-2KOOL Ori Mi



p style=”text-align:left;”>2Kool which were ehxclusive TWINs are now back finally and are now working hard on providing good and healthy music to there fanzz!! Yessir!!! You heard me Fanzz!!! GOOD MUSIC.. The Dominion Entertainment duo are here with a  MADANTIN track titled ORI MI!!!!! D’em fanz gata love this!! CLICK TO DOWNLOAD 2KOOL-ORI MI!!!


“@taiworozyofficial @callmeflowzy @team_2koolpage”

  • Good music
  • Good Rap Verse
  • Good Ginger
  • Good Vibes
  • Good Intro
  • Good Outro
  • Good Song


About Ehxclusive Publisher

Contact 08092174124

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