Annoying Things Girls Do These Days

In a world where craziness, weirdness and
absolute madness is celebrated, I personally
find the following things girls do very
1. Snapping pictures with one hand in
between their legs as if touching their
privates: is the world not s3xualized enough
for you folks? we would fare better if u stop
redirecting our eyes to the curse that remains
the bane to most guys progress in life.
2. Wearing of leg chains, and toe rings: This
act used to be the trademark of wayward
girls back in the days but now its been
normalized so much so that it has become a
fashion trend among many girls.
3. Dancing only with themselves (I.e girl
and girl) in a party or club: This can be
very annoying and suspicious especially
when they constantly turn down advances
from guys.
4. Bleaching of the skin: So many coke and
fanta skinned girls everywhere because of
this useless mentality of “I must be fair to
sell” Wetin you wan sell? Black is beautiful.
5. Wearing of skimpy and revealing clothes:
Yes!!we agree we love to see it but we
prefer to do so in private that’s why doz
parts u show us in public and mess up our
mind is called private parts.. If you want to
practice ashawo business get a room and
stay there, don’t come to the public next
time to cause vehicular and mindular
accidents. Thank you.
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