DLegendary Mix

Good evening Ma FANZZ Ma FAMZZ Ma FRIENDS..??????Its that time of the year that I (@Dj=jhoonzihn)Treat ma fans with a special delicacy CALL “THE LEGENDARY MIX” Of July 2015 ✨✨??Mixing All Thinkinkable 9ja Tracks From Pop to Hip Hop From Jazz To Afro Pop From Rock To Afro Beat…Fans this what I call LEGENDARY MIX MADE FROM THE NORM!!There would be Clapping??Looku Looku??Banger??Won Bami ??From This to That ????ITS TIME PEOPLE…. ITS TIME!!!!???? get it @DoWnLoAd HeRe



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Contact 08092174124

17 responses to “DLegendary Mix”

  1. Julius says :

    GOOD WORK CONTACT ME @ 07066413969


  2. Akinola says :

    Ah ah awon ti bo mish MURDA! I like d gmixtape die o


  3. Y u won know my name says :

    Ah were NI BO BO YI o y u no mix SHAKITI BOBO


  4. Amaka says :

    Nice mixtape but u supp6se add gbemisoke


  5. Dj_shabba says :

    #whayasay brother d mix is good but u nid the right track for the right month like naijaloaded do it would be nice to connect with dx blog to upgrade ur mix for you…I AVNT SEEN UR REQUEST ON TWITTER


  6. Ijioma says :

    The tracks are this year own


  7. Jakande says :

    Omo oti ya wer o u just dey mix GODWIN UPON AKL THOSE GBAM TRAKS but is goom o…my na jakande salemo


  8. Jakande says :

    But just pray sey god bless me i won give u a music wey i do make u help me push am too


  9. Martha says :

    Its a good mix but the mb is too much so low it a lil @dj jhonzin


  10. BA*RIGA BOYS says :

    Oya shout to my real nigga God go make u bigger oh oh oh,forget wat any body say u are a 1 in a million dj justkip up the Good work..


  11. Charles says :

    Taiwo i love this new mixtape you just shared..am sharing the song on twitter now


  12. Rozy and flowzy says :

    Thanks @charles


  13. Dj Jhoonzihn says :

    Thanks fans. I will try all my best to always make u happy. Thank u very much. Jah bless.


  14. Bolaji says :

    Saw your post on fb


  15. Dare says :

    Nice mixtape nice track kip it up


  16. webhost says :

    Hello @dj_jhoonzihn i can see that your fanz love wat you do(its obvious)partner with the blogger and make history parallel


  17. Bankola says :

    Taiworozy wasup naaa*


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