Artist: Reminisce Album Title: Baba Hafusa Label: Edge Records Release Date: April 30, 2015. After the unexpected success of the hit single, Tesojue, the copper haired rapper returns with his third studio release, Baba Hafusa, a 14 +2 record featuring production from Chopstix, Sarz, Jospo, Sossick, Young John and D’Tunes. Reminisce is the rapper’s rapper, the kinda artist one could imagine handing out words and
lines to a fellow rapper to complete their 16s or
stopping by to partake in a neighbourhood
cypher, dropping a couple of unexpected lines
only to leave as abruptly as he came. He
enjoys rap; it comes so easily to him, which of course is a double-edged sword. Comfortable in his own skin, even to the extent
of deliberately mispronouncing English words;
rap, is not supposed to be inaccessible, dude
is keenly aware of his audience, ‘awon fans ti bo pampers’ gone are the days where the Channel O set dictated what was cool, with the
proliferation of smart phones and music sites
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