Exclusive:The Nigerian Music Grind

Firstly, before we get started, stop
for a moment and imagine the world
without music. That is a scary
thought. Hence, I want to give a
special thanks to all of the artists,
producers, songwriters and musicians around the globe. You
make our world a better place. Secondly, now is the time to take
your musical destiny into your own
hands. The phrase “on the grind”
refers to the process of working hard
and hustling to achieve one’s
dreams. This series is about the never ending
independent music grind. It deals
with the blood, the sweat, and the
tears that independent music artists
in Nigeria endure to reach the top. At
the same time, it provides concepts to broaden your business outlook.
My goal is to share my experiences
and help you to MONETIZE YOUR MUSIC MOVEMENT! With the right plan you can create the demand to
expand your brand. The Internet has leveled the playing
field for aspiring artists and
producers. And more than ever,
many developing music
organizations are achieving


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