What to expect from Reminese #BABA_AFUSA ALBUM*

When all is said and done, one has to agree
that “Baba Hafusa” is not your conventional rap/hip hop album. But then again Alhaji Remilekun Khalid Safaru is not your regular run-of-the-mill artist. The 16-track
album reveals the various influences of Reminisce’s artistry that come to form a holistic body of work that places his versatility
in full glare – the rapper, the father, the singer
and the fuji musician. Reminisce obstinately refuses to pander to the desires of hip hop
heads but delivers what will be known as a
well-rounded musical repertoire. The team and I listened to the entire album on
Sunday over drinks and banter, and tried not to
troll Remi too much over the 3-0 annihilation of
his favourite football club Manchester United
by Everton FC earlier. We listened for the
production, the lyrical content, and if it tells the story of this self-made man in a way that his
audience would connect with. I speak for the
whole team here; it was stellar. Whenever I listen to an album, I ask myself:
“What was th



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