Ehxclusive Twins New Abum Launch Release 2015

Ehxclusive Twins are about to drop a #BANGERLISIOUS Musical explosion to there fans!!!! Here is a recent interview by star FM last week asking the twins some hmm hmm kinda questions.
PresenterHow many tracks do you have now?
Ehxclusive twins-We currently have 8 tracks done.
Presenter- How as it been for you since you met #Jazzyb?
Ehxclusive twins- Well it has been awesome so far as he is trying to make everyone smile.
Presenter- How many shows have you done at Ibadan?
Ehxclusive twins- Its hard to count but it should be up to 23+
Presenter- Any New Musical PLANS?
Ehxclusive twins- Yes,we are working on a debut album and believe it its gonna be crazy.!!
Presenter- Any Celebrity In It?
Ehxclusive twins- (Taiworozy scoffs)  Its too be kept as a secret,but by God’s Grace it will work out well.
Presenter- When will it be dropping?
Ehxclusive twins- As we all know music is not a toy that can be handled recklessly,it need time to be taught,mastered,and ready for action like a car,the release is not yet certain,it might be before JULY.!!




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