“Woju” crooner Kiss Daniel talk about life,school

In a rare interview, rising star Kiss Daniel real name Daniel Anidupe talked about his hit single
Woju, his education at Federal
University of Agriculture,
Abeokuta, NYSC program and
more. Read excerpts below On how he got the name “Kiss Daniel”; I got the name when I was in
school. I have a dimple in my
cheek and in school, when you
had dimples in both cheeks, you
were called ‘Kisses’. Since I have
just one, I was called ‘Kiss.’ Because there were other Daniels
in school, the ladies added Kiss to
my first name to tell me apart from
the others. So, when I started
music I decided to stick with the
name. On his Education I am a graduate of Water
Engineering from the Federal
University of Agriculture,
Abeokuta, Ogun State. My intent
was to seek employment in a bank
if music did not work out. But I tried music and it worked out for
me. I am presently undergoing the
mandatory National Youth Service
Corps programme. On NYSC I still report at my place of primary
assignment. I know what I want.


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