Bitter truth about Kiss Daniel *WOJU*

FROM A FAN-Kiss Daniel should know by now
that he is all the star he needs to
shine. You do not come out with a single
on your first trial attempt at
breaking into the industry, hit it
enormously big and then wait on
Tiwa Savage and Davido to be the
brink of your rise. No! After all the hype that was Woju
Remix, I must say that the
expectation bar dropped below the
point of limbo. Does Daniel know
he had the most decent delivery of
all the vocal features on his smash single? And there was even
nothing new to his verses,
everything was typical as the
original version. Tiwa was almost very convincing
with her rhymes on her ‘getting money like Rihanna, seeing the
future sierra, nothing go stop
me or never’ line but I hold my opinion that she had no business
being on this remix. Then Davido.
Trust me, my excitement knew
some bounds when I first got wind
of the news that he was going to
be featured on the remix, and just like I expected, he flunked it! Well,
not totally though. I think the only
thing i love is the beat


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