I cant date celeb again*iyanya*

The 28-year-old, multiple award-
winning ‘kukere‘ crooner has poured out his mind in a new
interview with Punch. Iyanya
talked about fame, money and
women…Read excerpts below: A lot of people think that fame
has altered your personality. Is
this true? People have the right to believe
whatever they want to. There is
nobody in this world that would
attain this level of success and
fame, and remain the same. My life
has changed and I am not going to tell you otherwise. I am not Iyanya
of eight years ago; I am more
exposed and have more fans. You
can’t compare the pressure that
was on me in 2008 to the pressure
on me now. For me to even have this level of sanity, I believe it is
God’s grace and people should
pray and support me instead of
saying I have changed. You see
me wearing nice suits but if I give
a fan my life to live for a week, not everybody will agree to continue
after a few days. Why do you think so? There is a lot of money but it
comes with a lot of pressure.
Imagine waking up to people being
rude to.


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