Dreams Come True With JazzyB

Its so obvious that in my country today;
Education has collapsed.
Graduates dont even have assurance for job placement.
A country that presently no young person wants to grow in nor desire for our children born/unborn to experience.
We go to bed & wake up today in this country with fear and uncertainty but I BELIEVE that we can make A CHANGE now.
* I am jazzyb Adebayo Adesoji and i believe the glory of every young person is in their strength and wherever their strength is invested is where the glory goes to.
* I believe that we as young people really are the future  and the glory of our nation.
* I believe that we are a force that if taken out of any society, that society becomes dead.
* I believe we young people have the voice and the power to chose who leads us even now that we are tired of what we have been through.
* I believe so strongly that irespective of how the election is planned to be rigged, if we young people are united in one voice, one goal, one dream..WE WILL WIN.
So i invite you to this Special Pre-Election Edition of Dreams Come True with Jazzyb Talk show on Sunday 18th January 2014 by 2pm prompt @ Nustreams Conference Centre, Mile 110, Alalubosa GRA ibadan.
Come and lets reason!
Come and lets take a stand for our future!


  -He saved me,he gave me a chance


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