More Collabo’s This Year_Ehxclusive

Ehxclusive Twins said during a recent interview that this year is a year of more musical energy,and we there fans are going to see newly baked Tracks!!! The Question Asked Was “Are we your fans gonna see more musical Tracks this year”?, Taiworozy says “Yes this year,be sure to be amazed by the tracks which are gonna be launched and ready this new year!!!  They were also asked “What prompted you twins to releasing more tracks this year”?,KenyFlowzy Replied “Well,with the large and increased CLICK DOWNLOADS of some of there hit tracks like,LOKE LOKE,THANK YOU,OLUWA LOSEYI,and massive turn up @every show we attend which means people come out of there house to listen to GOOD AND QUALITY MUSIC, well that’s what we shall be giving out by God’s Grace……!!!! There you av it Fans Listen to Star FM 91.5 for more info every Sunday 8-8:30pm    S.O.T.G 91.5FM


  -Those Who Believe In Me Re Alive… Question.Are u??


About Ehxclusive Publisher

Contact 08092174124

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