Former KC Presh member advises upcoming acts to go solo

In a recent interview, Presh formerly of the
group KC Presh has advised up and coming
artists to strike out solo instead of being a
group. He said it is better for unknown acts to
go solo from the beginning of their careers
because it will be easier for them to make
decisions along the way.
“Don’t start in a group. If you know you have
it, go all out for yourself. Even if the person is
your brother, it’s good to differentiate
yourselves. If you have to do it, do it yourself
because you get to take your own decisions
and keep growing from there ” he said in an
Presh broke into limelight as part of the duo
known as KC Presh. The other act is the pop
star KCee. Together they won the initial
edition of Star Quest in 2002. They got signed
to Kennis Music shortly after. Circa 2011, the
group split up.
Presh is currently signed to Eric Manny
Entertainment, and has a new single out, ‘I No
Dey Lie’ featuring Tiwa Savage.



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