Wizkid and Saeon’s Disputes

We thought this matter had
blown over but I guess a new
chapter has just been opened
all over again.
You remember that this drama
begun when Saeon lashed out
at Wizkid for not being polite
enough to help promote the
song, ‘Boogie down’ across his
social media accounts.
Wizkid responded by saying
Saeon is not his friend and he
even gave her a fair deal by
featuring on her song while
threatening to beat her up.
Shedding more light on what
really transpired between both
parties, Saeon’s former
manager who was in charge of
the self styled Omo Ibadan’s
dealings at the time the deal
transpired, Alex Adegbenro
who is now resident in UK, has
granted an exclusive interview
to a UK based radio station.
When he spoke with ‘Chi Chi’
on air last week, Alex said:
‘I can’t really say
much as well, I
recently started
getting calls from
people too asking me
what’s going on
between Saeon and
Wizkid, so I decided
to go online to get
myself informed as
well, and lo and
behold I found a
video of Wizkid
talking about Samklef
and Saeon. Contrary
to Wizkid’s claims,
Saeon at no point
made any contact
with the kid, until I
set up a first meet
Speaking further, Alex only
stopped short of branding
Wizkid a serial liar by saying:
‘It’s funny when he
said she slept in
front of his house to
beg him, I feel that’s
a figure of speech
and I feel it’s still
wrong for him to say
that. She never had
his contact, he also
forgot that he started
the same way,
sleeping at OJB’s
studio crying after
M.I and so on. As a
matter of fact, myself
and his manger were
the ones discussing,
his manger, Godwin
Tom gave us a fee,
we disagreed with
the fee and told him
what we could afford
was N1.5 million and
then he came back to
us and said they’ll
take it.
‘Here’s what I think,
Wizkid has
contradicted himself
already, he’s either
not a thinker, or he
has consumed
himself with so much
pride. Why would
she pay you and then
beg you. The irony of
it all was that Saeon
didn’t actually want
to record with
Wizkid, after paying,
it took about a
month to record the
song because he was
travelling a lot for
With Wizkid having
claimed that he
charges as much as
N10m for a
collaboration, Alex
continued in the
lengthy interview
that Saeon would
have spent the
money on something
else if Wizkid had
not been paid at the
‘She wanted to use
the money in putting
out an EP, but when
Wizkid got back, we
pressed on getting
the job done because
he had been paid,
now I’m not saying
he was obligated to
tweet about the song
because I think
that’s what started
the whole thing, but
coming from
someone who was
adamant about us
shooting a music
video so he could
benefit from it.
‘And the one that got
me was when he said
he was going to beat
her up. Saeon didn’t
even get to meet him
or talk to him until
the day they
recorded together in
the studio. And I
remember he gave us
a list of producers he
could work with, he
said it was either,
Samklef, Sarz or
Maleek Berry and we
picked Sarz and then
when he heard the
beat Sarz made, he
didn’t like it, so he
called Sarz and was
like ‘dude, you know
my new sound, why
do you keep making
beats like this.’ So
we went back the
second time and
Maleek Berry just
laced a beat and the
song happened like a
freestyle. I’m just a
bit disappointed in
him, I personally
think the part of his
statement where he
said he would beat
up Saeon shouldn’t
be left alone. Well, if
you look at it on the
bright side, I think
this whole thing has
helped Saeon.’


“Dude Form Today,It Only 4 Today…”


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