Is Drake In The Mood.!!!

Looks like Drake wants everything to
do with his record label mate Nicki
Minaj and he is using Instagram to
tell her so!
Drake is surely using social media to
send a sexy message to his lady
friend Nicki, 31 and speculations are
that the Canadian native wants his
newly-single label mate as his
official girlfriend!
In a fan-made cartoon that Drake
posted on Instagram », Saturday,
Nicki is singing into a microphone
while giving him a sex lap dance
and a little bubble of Drake’s head
says, “How about now?”
He captioned, “@nickiminaj now?”
a.k.a ‘Nicki could you get a little
freaky with me now that you are
single again?’.
Meanwhile, Nicki’s new song, “Only”
revealed that she and former flame
Drake have never hooked up » , but
the rapper seems to be sending a
message to her that it’s time for
them to really get down.
The songstress has yet to respond,
but for all we know she decided to
take matters into her own hands by
responding in private. Hmm!
Do you think Drake and Nicki should
hook up?


  • Drake And Nicky?? Guys,what do u think is happening.???

“Love Can attack You No Matter Your Position In Life….!! “


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