Naija Lady Died Of Ass Implant

A young Nigerian woman has lost
her life during a cheap plastic
surgery procedure to get a bigger
24-year-old Joy Williams , who was
resident in the UK, died in Thailand
after complications arising from
infected butt implants.
The surgery was performed on her at
night by Dr. Sompob Sansir who
has now been arrested for causing
her death by negligence after he
operated on her without a license,
The UK Telegraph reports.
The deceased had travelled to
Bangkok, the Thai capital for the
£2,000 buttock augmentation
operation which involves inserting
silicone implants into a patient’s
After the October 14 operation, her
wounds became infected and she
had surgery to remove them but she
died shortly after.
One of Joy’s friends said:
“She was a really, really nice girl.
She was very friendly and caring.
She was always helping her mum
with her brothers.”
“At school she had been bullied over
her appearance and she went for
surgery on her nose and face. Last
time I saw her it was obvious she
had had cosmetic surgery.
“She was fine before, she didn’t need
to. She was fine the way she was but
she just wasn’t happy. She had no
self esteem and I guess she felt she
needed to do it. She was just never
happy with herself.”
A former schoolmate said:
“I’m in total shock,” she said. “I just
can’t believe it. Not Joy. Not her.
She was lovely, she was my friend.”
The clinic where she had the surgery
has been shut down and Dr Sompob
could face ten years in jail if



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