Fact About Kcee

Kcee Limpopo »is a Nigerian
recording artist who is responsible
for catchy tunes limpopo , ogadinma,
Pullover, Emmah, Ogaranya.
The MTN Ambassador » is also a
UN ambassador of peace, appointed
by Dame Patience Jonathan.
The artiste who refuses to address
the issue of his alleged birthday was
born on April 18 and likes the colour
Here 10 other never known facts
about Kcee:
1. Kcee’s real name is Kingsley
Chinweike Okonkwo »
2. He wears a Shoe Size of 43/44.
3. He is into oil and gas under
business name , Five Star Oil &
4. Pop Singer, Iyanya lived with
Kcee for 4 years.
5. He has over 30 Expensive Stud-
Earrings , it’s his favourite
fashion accessory.
6. He has a tattoo of rose flower
which he explained to mean,
which is a sign of love. Inside
the rose, there are two birds
which signify freedom. There’s
a diamond by the side which
stands for riches, and then
there is a star, which is a
symbol of his image. He had
them done in Spain.
7. He graduated from University
of Nigeria, Nzukka where he
got a bachelor of arts degree
in Theatre Arts.
8. Kcee’s first car was a Mercedez
Benz 190 bought in 2002 after
he won N1M naira from Star
Quest Reality Show
9. His fleet of cars includes
Bentley Continental GT, Range
Rover, BMW X6, Mercedes G63
and most recently Cadillac
10. It was rapper Eedris
Abdulkareem that insisted he
and former music partner
Presh join Star Quest in 2002.
Kcee (Instagram)



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