Ikenna Emedike Is Now Deaf And Dumb

Ikenna Emedike fondly called
Ikenna E became the first warrior
to bear the stump of shame in
Gulder Ultimate Search XI for
disobedience. According to rules,
the Stump of Shame should always
be dragged around by the
contestant serving punishment. In
addition, the victim must not
speak with anyone or being spoken
to by anybody.
Ikenna .E who was the leader
suffered this consequence for
moving himself and other
contestants to another tent aside
the ones being designated by the
council of elders. His excuse was
because soldier ‘ants’ invaded the
initial tents.
In the words of the anchor man
‘Chidi Mokeme’ who was displeased
at his action, he said:
‘So every time solider ants
come around, you move
and leave your properties
for soldier ants. You cannot take
care of soldier ants in the jungle?
The council of elders will not
tolerate disobedience’
Ikenna .E had to carry the stump
of shame. As the bearer he
becomes an outcast in the camp
till the next challenge. Ikenna E
delayed proceedings at the Task
Area & Place of The Talking
Drum as he had great difficulty
dragging his Stump of Shame.
A night before, Nwagboso Joshua
was evicted from the show for not
been able to succeed in the
extremely difficult task Heart of the
For more exciting episodes, tune in
to the following stations: Africa
Magic (DSTV), Hip TV, Ebonylife TV,
Wap TV, Galaxy TV at 10pm; and
AIT at 10:30pm.




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