Is M.I Retiring From The Rap Scene?

Ehxclusive-Lagos – Rapper MI just made a
comeback song titled King James
but after referring to indigenous
sensation, Phyno as ‘King Phyno’,
it sounds like he might be retiring
from the rap game.
On Thursday MI went on social
media to pay tribute to Phyno
whose birthday is October 9, and
referred to him as a ‘king’
“Happy birthday King Phyno. They
won’t know how far you have
come!!!! I do. And I celebrate your
hustle your strength and your
kingship. Long may you reign” he
wrote on Instagram.
During MI’s five year hiatus many
indigenous rap acts like Olamide,
Phyno, Illbiss took over the rap
M.I  made a rebound with new
single, King James where he
rapped about being the one and
only king of rap.
Many listeners attributed the
single to be a diss track to other
rappers, but MI has denied it,but guess Rozy has something to say,listen to what Rozy as to say below- w.”Become the greatest rapper and songwriter is a great accomplishment,but rapping and also a songwriter is a ”talent”,the main deal is finding what your heart really bids for…_Rozy..



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